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Our farm raised beef are always on grass pasture and grain finished for maximum flavor and quality.

They are antibiotic and hormone free. We do custom processing with vacuum sealed packaging to your specific cut or ours. Processing for USDA Inspection Stamped is Available (for Resale Purposes).


We offer whole, half, and quarter steers on a price per pound basis.  The weight is based on the hanging weight after slaughter, which is approximately 65% of the live weight for Angus.  That way, you are paying for exactly what you are getting.  Once you debone and butcher the steer, the carcass yield (wrapped meat for your freezer) will be approximately 70% of the hanging weight.  The carcass yield depends directly on how you decide to butcher the steer, which is why we charge based on hanging weight and not the end product.  
Live weight x dress percentage x carcass yield = packaged meat weight.
Each steer will have a different live weight, but most will be around 1100 lbs.  Using the above formula for an average steer:  1100 lbs. live weight x 65% x 70% = 500 lbs. of wrapped meat to go in your freezer. (This figure does not include the organs, head, or dog bones.)  Again, these are calculations based on averages, but it gives you a ballpark idea of how much meat comes from a single animal.
Our price is $5.25/LB @ the hanging weight from the butcher’s receipt. No hidden fees.
Where else can you buy Angus Steaks and Beef cut the way you want it for $5.25 per pound?

Look at the price of beef in your local grocery store.

You can't beat our meat our meat...if you are not 100% satisfied we will buy back your meat.

A deposit of $150 a quarter, $200 a half, and $300 for a whole beef, guarantees your order with full payment due upon delivery.

We can have your steer standard cut or custom cut for your family meals. Do you want steaks cut 1/2" thick to quickly pan sear or would you like 2" thick steaks for the pit?  Does your family cook roasts  and prime rib for dinner, or would you prefer more hamburger?  How about chili meat, chuck steaks or chuck roast, soup bones, stew meat, kebabs, ribs?  There is more than one way to do this.  The fun part is that, unlike the grocery store, you get to do it your way.


Generally, you will need 1 cubic foot of cooler space for 25 lbs. of meat.  A whole steer should fit into the empty 18 Cu. Ft. freezer in your garage.  If freezer space is tight, you might consider splitting an order with friends or neighbors.  We call this "Cow-Pooling."

Angus Beef Chart

From our Family Farm to Your Family Freezer

You Can't Beat Our Meat....If You Are Not 100% Satisfied We Will Buy Back Your Meat!

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